Discuss how these crimes are committed.

For this assignment, we will focus on the various tools and techniques available to the security professional in order to mitigate white-collar crime.

Select two of the white-collar crimes listed below.

(a) Computer crimes

(b) Credit card fraud

(c) Embezzlement

(d) Workman’s Comp fraud

(e) Environmental crime

(f) Securities fraud

(g) Healthcare fraud

Discuss (a) how these crimes are committed, (b) their impacts on organizations, and (c) the tools a security professional has available to reduce opportunities for such crimes to occur.

Locate an example of one of your two white-collar crimes. Please make sure it is current, that is, within the past 2 years. Analyze the crime and how it was discovered, then discuss possible measures that could have deterred those found guilty.

For this assignment, you are required to prepare a report of three to five pages (excluding title page and reference page), and post it in the respective Dropbox for this week.

Remember to include at least two authoritative references. They must be cited within the paper as well as listed on a reference page. See the APA citation tutorial in the Course Syllabus.

Grading Rubric for Assignment

Section Points Grade Comments
Quality of answers on the two focus areas


Correctly APA-formatted and placed in-text citations


Correctly produced References page with APA formatting


At least two authoritative reference sources used


Length (3–5 pages of text, separate title page, and separate references page) and appearance







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