Determine the elements of each lesson that would be specifically helpful in addressing the needs of a student with LD or CD.

This week we have discussed learning disabilities and communication disorders.  As you may have noticed, most students with these disabilities are in the general education classroom either part of, or most of, the school day. What is your comfort level with teaching students with learning disabilities and/or communication disorders in the general education setting?  What challenges do you think you might experience?  What actions can you take to mitigate these potential challenges?

Journal options:

  1. Create a written reflection journal
  2. Create a Jing reflection using a screencast
  3. Create a Voki reflection using a talking avatar
  4. Participate in a peer dialogue reflection, where you discuss the questions above with a peer or colleague and write a reflection based on your discussion

Week 2 – Assignment
Adapting Lesson Plans for an Inclusive Classroom

Using one (or more) of the free resources below, write a three- to four-page critique of three lesson plans (one Grade K-5 lesson, one Grade 7-8 lesson, and one high school lesson) in regard to addressing the needs of students with learning disability (LD) or communication disorder (CD).  Make sure to include at least one additional scholarly source beyond those listed below.  Your critique should address the following elements:

  1. Determine the elements of each lesson that would be specifically helpful in addressing the needs of a student with LD or CD.
  2. Generate ideas for adaptations that you might make to the lesson to more effectively support students with disabilities. Discuss research-based strategies that could be used to enhance learning in the lesson.
  3. Identify and describe potential accommodations, modifications, or supplemental services within the context of the lesson that could support the needs of students with LD or CD.
  4. Generate at least five ways that a teacher could leverage learning strategies, social interactions, and behavior supports within the lesson to address student needs.

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