Describe how the certifications obtained?

While there are three parts to this assignment, there is only one deliverable of a 2- to 3-page paper. Review the entire assignment before getting started.

Part A. Conduct a search for internships or volunteer opportunities that might pertain to healthcare administration and management as a whole. Start by looking in your local area, then expand to other areas if needed/desired. Consider the following questions as you conduct the search:

  • What types of opportunities did you find?
  • What specific qualities or skill set are organizations looking for in interns or volunteers?
  • What personally interests you most or least in these opportunities?

Part B. Conduct a search for professional certifications that might apply to healthcare administration and management as a whole. Consider these questions as you conduct the search:

  • What certifications are available in your professional area of interest?
  • Who are the sponsoring agencies of these professional certifications?
  • How are the certifications obtained?
  • Are exams, fees, or proof of education or work experience required?
  • How might these certifications benefit you in your career?

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