Describe a philosophical position on this topic that we have studied earlier this semester.

Choose one of the following questions from the Summa Theologica and read the first article:  Q. 84 (Knowledge of External Things, pp. 134-137), Q. 89 (Knowledge After Death, pp. 188-191) or Q. 83 (Free Choice, pp. 202-204).  A fourth alternative is to read the first article of Q. 76 (Union of Body and Soul, pp. 75-80), and use these ideas to address racism.  The rest of the assignment remains the same.  Write a 700-1000 word essay that incorporates Aquinas’ position on the question.  Your essay should:

  1. Explain why the topic (Knowledge of External Things, Knowledge After Death, Free Choice, or Union of Body and Soul) is a philosophical problem.  (Review Nagel’s book for insight into this.)
  2. Briefly describe a philosophical position on this topic that we have studied earlier this semester.
  3. Then describe Aquinas’ position on the topic, and compare and contrast his position with the earlier one.
  4. Finally, argue for your own position.  Make it a deductively valid argument.

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