Discuss the financing changes suggested by the statement.

Pro forma balance sheet Peabody & Peabody has 2015 sales of $10 million. It

wishes to analyze expected performance and financing needs for 2017, which is

2 years ahead. Given the following information, respond to parts a and b.

(1) The percents of sales for items that vary directly with sales are as follows:

Accounts receivable, 12%

Inventory, 18%

Accounts payable, 14%

Net profit margin, 3%

(2) Marketable securities and other current liabilities are expected to remain


(3) A minimum cash balance of $480,000 is desired.

(4) A new machine costing $650,000 will be acquired in 2016, and equipment

costing $850,000 will be purchased in 2017. Total depreciation in 2016 is

forecast as $290,000, and in 2017 $390,000 of depreciation will be taken.

(5) Accruals are expected to rise to $500,000 by the end of 2017.

(6) No sale or retirement of long-term debt is expected.

(7) No sale or repurchase of common stock is expected.

(8) The dividend payout of 50% of net profits is expected to continue.

(9) Sales are expected to be $11 million in 2016 and $12 million in 2017.

(10) The December 31, 2015, balance sheet follows.

LG 5

Assets Liabilities and stockholders’ equity

Cash $ 400 Accounts payable $1,400

Marketable securities 200 Accruals 400

Accounts receivable 1,200 Other current liabilities 80

Inventories 1,800 Total current liabilities $1,880

Total current assets $3,600 Long-term debt 2,000

Net fixed assets 4,000 Total liabilities 3,880

Total assets $7,600 Common equity 3,720

Total liabilities and

stockholders’ equity $7,600

Peabody & Peabody Balance Sheet December 31, 2015 ($000)

a. Prepare a pro forma balance sheet dated December 31, 2017.

b. Discuss the financing changes suggested by the statement prepared in part a

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