Describe the solid waste treatment equipment that you engineered into your treatment process.

As a continuation of our course project due in Unit VIII

 (A Proposal for an Industrial and Hazardous Waste Treatment Facility), complete the next (sixth) section (solid waste treatment) of your proposal by following the instructions carefully


1.    Closely read the Required Reading assignment from Bahadori (2014) and the Unit Lesson within the Study Guide. (ATTACHED)

2. Open your proposal draft from Unit V and make any improvements to your draft using your professor’s feedback from the Unit V project assignment. (ATTACHED)

3. Open the Unit VI Study Guide, read the unit lesson, and then work with the embedded interactive model to decide what solid waste treatment equipment to include in your treatment process design. (ATTACHED)

4. Continue from your Unit V Project and make your sixth level one heading titled “Solid Waste Treatment.” Describe the solid waste treatment equipment that you engineered into your treatment process (sludge dewatering equipment). Be sure and describe the relevance and anticipated reduction of related analytical concentrations within your industrial and hazardous waste treatment system as they correspond with each technology that you selected.

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