How does it provide a unique and effective contribution to understanding the EU?

Find 5 articles about the European Union.  Research and build an annotated bibliography on the European Union (the EU).

Locate articles that may comment on:


  • The history, structure, and function of the EU (recall that the EU was formerly known as the European Economic Community)
  • The future goals and directions of the EU
  • Individual countries that are part of the EU and their relationship with other nations within the EU
  • The future of some particular nations in the EU which have introduced economic instability into the EU, such as Greece and Spain
  • Countries that are seeking to be a part of the EU
  • Other aspects of the EU


Provide an APA citation for each article.  Your annotation should include the following:


  • What is the purpose of the article?
  • How did you decide that the article you chose was credible and used the appropriate strategy to study the EU?
  • What were the main results of the article?
  • How does the article provide a unique and effective contribution to understanding the EU?

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