Explain why you feel it is significant and what impact is has on health care today.

Identify the event in the history of medicine and health care delivery that you see as the most significant.  Explain why you feel it is significant and what impact is has on health care today


  • Identify and explain two commonly attributed reasons for the unremitting rises we are experiencing with regards to health care costs.


  • Differentiate between the two methods for physician reimbursement: capitation and fee for service


  • Choose on health care profession that you learned about this quarter and briefly describe the profession. (Cancer Registrars)
  • Explain the intent of the Flexner Report.  Identify the reports result on medical education.


  • Discuss the importance of ambulatory care services as a part of the U.S. health care system today.


  • Explain  the role of the Board of Trustees and CEO/President in the hospital organization.


  • What is a long-term care and how is it different from other types of health services?  Describe one type of long-term care facility. (Nursing Home)


  • Describe two types of mental health providers and the role that they play in the mental health sector.


  • Discuss three benefits of

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