Examine the Supreme Court,explain how its members are selected.

1. Identify and discuss the key differences between the presidential and parliamentary systems of government.  Your answer should include a comparison of electoral processes which brings a party to power, how the executive and his/her cabinet are selected and the checks and balances the legislative branch uses in each system to control the executive branch.


2. Traditionally, Political Parties perform six functions in the political process.  Identify and explain any four of them. Then identify and explain one way interest groups and political parties differ.


3.  In essay form explain how entitlements are different from welfare.  Then explain what constitutes a welfare payment and how much welfare accounts for in overall federal spending.  Finally, how has Tax Expenditures enabled the US to avoid being labeled a European Welfare State?


4. Examine the Supreme Court. Explain how its members are selected, what consideration if any is given to race, gender or ideology in the selection process, what cases the court predominantly hears,  and the difference between judicial activism and judicial restraint.

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