Write a 6-10 page paper on Earthquakes in Chile.

A 6-10 page paper on Earthquakes in Chile, double spaced, and have 1.25” margins on all sides.  Page numbers should be centered on the page bottom. Use typefaces Times New Roman font size 12 or Calibri font size 11. Figures or maps should appear at the end of the paper before the references section. Section titles should be in a bold font followed by a single blank line. Any sub-section titles should be italicized and followed by a single blank line. Start the references section on a new page. Reference entries should be single-spaced with one blank line between references. Refer to the style sheet on Blackboard for references style. The paper must include at least four references from peer-reviewed journals that are within 15 years old and two references from non-fiction books. Use non-governmental websites sparingly and only for information that cannot be acquired in any print source. Refer to the plagiarism guide on Blackboard or ask me if you have any questions about accurate citations. Each reference in the references section should be cited within the text, and vice-versa. Use parenthetical citations for in-text references (Hunter 2013). “Include page number(s) for all quotations” (Hunter 2013, p. 3). Absolutely 0 plagarism.

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