Explain,whom do you agree with, and what would you like to add to the conversation?

Throughout our unit on Violence and Popular Culture, we have seen multiple perspectives on the role of violence and cinema in American society, from critical to praising and from dismissive to conflicted cultural analysis. Now, it is your turn to place your voice within this conversation. What do you think about these discussions? Are there some writers that you agree with? Others that you think have problems in their analysis? Are there ideas that you think they are all overlooking? 
Choose one of the films we have discussed in this unit and at least two of the secondary readings to anchor your discussion. What are the essential questions raised by the film and the readings? What do they have to say, whom do you agree with, and what would you like to add to the conversation? With these questions answered, write a thesis-driven argument of cinematic analysis that places your perspective into conversation with the authors and film. Be sure to summarize both the film and arguments by the two authors, while also presenting your own, evidence-based argument. Think of your classmates as your audience: they have seen the film and read the same authors, but they may not interpret them the same way you do, so you will need to make your argument clear and deliberate for them.
When completed, your essay should be a six to seven typed pages, double-spaced, with a standard 12-point font, and should adhere to MLA guidelines.

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