Explain what do you intend to do now to implement this plan?

Describe what your vision is for yourself as you move toward your goals of becoming a
professional clinical mental health counselor. Please address: professional goals, the type
of services you see yourself providing, what are your credentialing and licensure goals
and where ethics and multiculturalism fit into your future professional goals.
2. Based on this class and on your own life experiences, what does this community need and
how do you intend to respond to these needs?
3. What do you intend to do now to implement this
4. What do you perceive to be possible loopholes to your plan and how do you intend to be proactive?
5. Identify one community based agency that might assist you in working toward this
vision/plan. Identify how you could get involved with that agency now

do they have a volunteer program, community action group, etc. If you are unable to find an agency in this area, are you aware of an agency/resources in another location that would meet this need?
6. What symbol, song or quote best represents your professional vision/potential professional journey?
7. What do you want your future clients to say about you?

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