Upload the completed website on the server.

This week, you will finalize your course project and host it online. To finalize your project, complete the following tasks:

  • Insert keywords, a title, and description to make each page ready to upload.
  • Add a disclaimer to the bottom of each page stating that this is an educational project and no real travel is offered.
  • Visit websites of companies that provide web hosting services. Compare their services and select one that suits your website’s requirements. Register a domain name and book space on a server.
  • Find a form-processing solution to make your contact page functional. It should send Express Holidays (you) the information submitted in the form by e-mail or store it in a database that you can access.
  • Upload the completed website on the server.
  • Review and test the website for functionality, language, design, programming, and display issues. You should test the website on at least two browsers, such as IE and Mozilla Firefox, to ensure that it does not contain any display or functionality errors.
  • Create a plan for the update and maintenance of your website.

In a Microsoft Word document, share the following:

  • The URL of your uploaded website
  • The maintenance plan you created for your website
  • The details of the form-processing solution that you found and an example of its results. (You can complete and submit the form yourself for this.)
  • The details of the testing you performed on your website, including the browsers chosen and any errors detected and corrected.

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