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Read the Hart Research Associates Report of January 20, 2015 titled Falling Short? College Learning and Career Success: Selected Findings from Online Surveys of Employers and College Students Conducted on Behalf of the Association of American Colleges and Universities — and highlight your critical reading ideas of the reading. Analyze the different opinions of employers vs. students. Quote from two (2) opinions that you think effectively answer the question of whether students have sufficient critical thinking skills and other skills required for entry level corporate jobs. Then add your own opinion based on facts and conclude with your own REFLECTION on how the changing nature of the American economy, its wealth inequality and its change in hiring and keeping employees is affecting this discussion. Bring to class some three paragraphs of this material pre written for Thursday October 8, the day of the midterm. SAMPLE OUTLINE: I. Introductory paragraph – introduce the 2015 Hart Research Associates Report and explain why it is different from other such reports in 2009 and 2013. II. Discuss one of the opinions of the employers about hiring students into the workforce of 2015. Quote it and agree or disagree. III. Discuss one of the opinions of the students surveyed that disagree with employers about hiring students into the workforce of 2015. Quote it and agree or disagree. IV. Explain in your RESPONSE (no YOU, clear concise sentences, no autobiographical material) what your own opinion is.

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