Bring in your own example and insight in terms of your life/experience.

Reflection Papers should include the following elements: . • WHY this reading/discussion/, etc. brought about the personal reaction that it did. • Critical analysis: use your sociological imagination to examine the topic in the context of society. • How does our socialization in society teach us to feel about this topic? • Personal example and insight relating to the topic: • Why is this topic significant to you? How does this topic relate to your own life? • How does this topic challenge you to think about things differently in your own life and/or in society? Bring in your own example and insight in terms of your life/experience/relationships. • Personal challenge: Use critical thinking and state what questions the topic brings up that you may not have thought about before. • How can you apply what you’ve learned about this topic that will help you make a difference in your life/relationships/community?

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