Explain your assignment and ask if it would be permissible to take notes.

  1. Select a professional who is employed in your chosen/preferred profession to interview. During the interview, you will discuss and take notes on the following:
  • Professional’s academic/experiential background
  • Preparation for his/her position
  • Major duties (note if it is a secular/religious organization/business)
  • Best/worst points about the position
  • Ask about suggestions for you as the student to consider for employment in such a position
  • Ask if you could possibly have a written copy of a job description

NOTE: Be very professional and courteous when arranging for the interview. Be early for the interview and dress professionally. Be sure to explain your assignment and ask if it would be permissible to take notes. Make this interview brief.

  1. Prepare a 1-page Microsoft Word document with at least 3 paragraphs (5–7 sentences each) that detail your interview. Format would include the following heading:


Career Interview by ___________________________, Interviewer

Your name


Date/Time of Interview: _________________________________


Interviewee: __________________________________________

Professional’s name


Position/Title                          __________________________________________

Company                         __________________________________________

Phone number and E-mail address of Interviewee

Career Report: Insert your 3 paragraphs (which include at least an introductory sentence and summary statement)

  1. Name the file “INDS400_section#_name_CareerInterview” and upload in the submission area for Module/Week 5.

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