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Chapter 20, Section 20g, of Strategies for Writing Successful Research Papers While most students have written a paper sometime during their time as a student, not everyone has written a review of literature, so the genre might be a new form to some. The idea behind the review of literature is that you will be Reading Assignment The Little, Brown Compact Handbook with Exercises Chapter 30: Pronoun Case, Sections 30a-30d Strategies for Writing Successful Research Papers Chapter 20: Reading and Evaluating Sources, Section 20g Chapter 12: Alan Ehrenhalt, “The Misguided Zeal of the Privacy Lobby,” pp. 270-273 Barbara Dority, “Halt and Show Your Papers!” pp. 273-278 The CSU Citation Guide APA General Information: What is APA format and why is it used? p. 4 Learning Activities (Non-Graded) See information below. EH 1020, English Composition II 2 able to take the sources that you have read and annotated and move your understanding of them beyond summary. While summary is still an element of the review of literature, the main function of it is to place sources that are discussing a similar point in conversation with one another. For example, if your paper were about the danger of hydrogen cars, then one of the paragraphs of your review of literature might be dedicated to those who argue that hydrogen is a clean fuel, one to those who say that it is unsafe, one to the faults of other alternative cars, and so on. The idea here is to cluster your source information so that your sources are conversing about the points of the issue.

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