Review the APA Guidelines.

One purpose of this assignment is to get you started early on your Annotated Bibliography paper so that you will avoid the stress of throwing a paper together at the last minute. Since APA format is new to many of you, the other purpose is for your instructor to provide feedback on your choice of sources and APA formatting before you submit your Annotated Bibliography in Module/Week 7.

This assignment must be completed in one (1) current APA-formatted Microsoft Word document. Be sure to start with a blank document; avoid using any of the other templates provided in Word or you will lose points. Your submission must include 2 pages: a title page and a references page.

Your title page must include the correctly formatted header in the header area of the document; this includes the running head at the far left margin and the plain page number at the far right.  Select the Different First Page option and make sure all subsequent pages (after the title page) do not contain the words “Running head” and the colon. Please review the APA Guidelines. In the middle of the top half of the page, center the title of your paper, your name, and the school affiliation (see sample paper provided).

Your references page needs to include at least 5 primary research or peer-review journal articles published within the past 10 years. The sources must be based on original research. Use the Jerry Falwell Library, which can be accessed through the Services/Support link on the main menu.  This reference page will not be attached to your annotated bibliography paper, but it will be used in a little different format.

The references you turn in must be actual resources you plan to use when writing your Annotated Bibliography paper. As you do more research and work on your paper the next couple of weeks, you may want to revise your list.

To guide you in your research, be aware of the required criteria for your sources. You will be selecting your articles from those found in the Jerry Falwell Library.

Required criteria when looking for proper sources:

  • Articles must be recent (published within the last ten years).
  • Articles must be scholarly (primary research published in a scholarly publication or peer-reviewed journal).                                                   This completed assignment must be in current APA format; it must include a title page and a reference page (all in one document). Note that your initial list of articles will be reviewed by your instructor. If the articles do not meet the required criteria, replacement articles will be required.

Submit your title page and 5 journal articles/references by 11:59 p.m. on Monday of Module/Week 4.

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