Describe your experience with a consultant.

A company that needs help with implementing a process you have little familiarity with has contacted you.  Although you could most likely learn it, you would not be a subject matter expert in the period in which they need you.  You are certain you could learn the process and could use the extra income, as your consulting has been a little slow.  What are the implications for deciding not to take the assignment?  What are the implications for taking the assignment?  What would you do and why?  Respond to two classmates’ posts.         Discussion 2

Describe your experience with a consultant, either from your place of employment (current or previous), in the community, or as the consultant yourself.  Thinking of this week’s lecture and the components of a contract, did he/she follow that process?  If not, what was missed?  Describe your experience.
If you do not have experience with a consultant, recall a situation from your experience where you would have benefited from having an OD Consultant.  What would you have done as a consultant?  Why?

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