Career Synthesis Incorporating a Christian Worldview.

General Instructions: This final essay will synthesize chosen cognates with a view to career application and a Christian worldview. The following parameters are to be followed:

  • Essay Form
  1. 5–7 pages
  2. Formatting style preferred by your favored cognate department—noted on Cover Page (APA, Turabian, MLA, etc.)
  3. Minimum of 6 sources (may include lecture notes, course readings, etc.)
  4. Cover Page: Name, Course/Section, Date, Cognates Listing, Paper Title, Chosen Formatting Style, Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of Requirements for INDS 400 Capstone Course
  5. Essay form—See the Assignment Instructions folder for a sample IPS Integration Essay.
  6. Introduction
  7. Body
  8. Summary
  9. Conclusion
  • An integrative device such as an analogy/metaphor must be used within the body of the essay as a vehicle for clarity. (For example, for an essay from a female with Business/Communications cognates, the Proverbs 31 woman could be used.)
  • Conclusions must clarify career aspirations/plans/desires which incorporate chosen cognates all of which must also be filtered through a Christian worldview.
  • Please consult our Writing Center for questions/concerns about formatting (see left margin on website):

  • Prepare your Integration Essay as a Microsoft Word document; title the document “INDS 400_section#_Name_IPS Integration Essay” and upload as a file into the submission area in the Module/Week 6 assignment folder.


John Doe

INDS 400-001

March 25, 2014

Cognate Listing

Sample IPS Integration Essay

Cognate/Career Synthesis Paper:

Incorporating a Christian Worldview


Presented in Partial Fulfillment

INDS 400:  Capstone

John Doe

Professor Sherman

INDS 400-001

17 March 2014

Sample Cognate/Career Synthesis:

Incorporating a Christian Worldview

This final essay will synthesize chosen cognates with a view to career application with a Christian worldview. The first paragraph of your paper will be the introduction to your paper. The function of this paragraph is to obtain the reader’s interest, and should also present the content and context of your paper. It must tell your readers why you are writing the paper and why the topic is important. The final sentence of your introduction should be your thesis sentence. The thesis statement is the “point” of your essay, and is the idea that you will be supporting throughout the body of your paper.

The paragraphs following your introductory paragraph will make up the body of your paper. An integrative device such as an analogy or metaphor must be used within the body of the essay as a vehicle for clarity. For example, an essay from a female with Business/Communications cognates could use the example of the Proverbs 31 woman.

The very first page of your assignment should be a cover page that includes your name, course and section number, date, cognate listing, paper title, and chosen formatting style. Please note that this sample paper is formatted in MLA style; however, you should be sure to use the style that is most appropriate for your chosen discipline.  The following link will take you to the Undergraduate Writing Center website which has information on the three major formats used at Liberty for your review. Undergraduate Writing Center

Each of your body paragraphs should include four important elements: a transition, a topic sentence, evidence, and a brief wrap-up sentence. Transitions will connect your paragraphs and allow your ideas to flow in a unified manner. Your topic sentence will introduce the main idea of your paragraph. The major portion of your paragraph will be evidence to support your topic, and will include your research and citations. The last sentence of each paragraph should sum up the idea and link it to your thesis statement.

The second to last paragraph of your paper should summarize the ideas in your essay. Please note that, while this sample essay is only a few pages long, your essay for INDS 400 should be 5-7 pages long. Your essay should also include a minimum of six sources, which must be cited in the text of your paper as well as on a references/works cited page.

The final paragraph of your essay should be a concluding paragraph. The conclusion will “wrap up” the discussion in your paper. Conclusions for this assignment must clarify your career aspirations/plans/desires that incorporate your chosen cognates, all of which must also be filtered through a Christian worldview. Finally, to complete your essay, the last page will be a list of all of the sources cited in your paper.

Works Cited

Brown, Robert. Title of Book. New York: Harper, 2004. Print.

Smith, Joe. “Title of Article.” Title of Journal 1.3 (2010): 100-103. Print.

Scoles, Allison, Director, Liberty University Undergraduate Writing Center

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