Write a paragraph explaining the logic of your instructions/flowchart.

Review the videos assigned and read chapters 2-4 of “Python 2: For Beginners Only.

Write a description a flowchart of a process of grocery shopping so that your computerized robot Robert can follow to do the job for you. Be sure to include all the steps related to primary shopping task with sequence, repetition, and conditional branching as needed.

Develop a flowchart that diagrams the instructions that you wrote up for Robert. Write a paragraph explaining the logic of your instructions/flowchart

Create a file named as “ITM205-Case1-Summary-YourFirstNameLastName” and include all of your step-by-step instructions, flowchart and paragraph.

You could use the Snipping tool to create a snapshot of the flowchart or convert a Visio file to pdf to send the assignment.

Complete the following exercises from chapters 3 and 4 from “Python 2: For Beginners Only.”

Exercise 3.1, Exercise 3.2, and Exercise 4.1.

Create a Word file named as “ITM205-Case1-Exercises-YourFirstNameLastName”containing a copy of each of the IDLE source codes and running results with clear exercise numbers marked on the page.

You can use the Snipping tools or screen print (ctrl + Print Screen) to show the Pythons editor’s (IDLE) code and results and demonstrate that your program executed correctly.

Finally zip all of the above three files into file named as “ITM205-CASE1-YourFirstNameLastName and then submit/upload it.

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