submit your Human Resource Management Review.

Instructions:  You will submit your Human Resource Management Review.  This 7 page paper, is comprised of the four milestones you submitted throughout this course, with edits based on your instructor feedback.

This Final Project will include:

Milestone One Evaluating Strategic Talent Management
Milestone Two Employee Development Processes
Milestone Three Performance Management
Milestone Four Compensation

Writing Mechanics per APA:

  • In addition to your seven page written paper, include a title page and a reference(s) page.
  • Use 12-point Times New Roman Font; Double space; One-inch margins.
  • Citations formatted according to APA style
  • Writing is free of errors and written in a professional and easy to read format

–  Submit your final project. It should combine your four milestones into a comprehensive review of the HR strategy that aligns HR functions and practices, staffing, training, compensation, and employee evaluation with A.P. Moller-Maersk Group’s strategic goals

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