How would you integrate technology into the lesson?

Our text states, “Combining computers with cooperative learning strategies promotes greater quantity and quality of daily achievement, more successful problem solving, and higher performance on factual recognition, application, and problem-solving text items than do computers and competition or computers and individualized learning.”

With that in mind, explore the National Education Association (NEA) website and review the Common Core State Standards Tool kit (or another website that offers lesson plans utilizing technology) that has elements that can be adapted to your Final Project lesson idea.  Address the following:

  • Explain how you would rework this lesson to build an atmosphere that encourages participation and cooperation.
  • How would you integrate technology into the lesson? Stretch your ideas beyond powerpoint, word processing or graphics programs. Consider online games, science simulation, comic generators, video and voice over the Internet, mobile applications, or other exciting new technologies available for teaching and learning.
  • How would you develop a cooperative environment around use of the technology you selected

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