Develop and design a comprehensive presentation of a company.

The goal of this assignment is for you to develop and design a comprehensive presentation of a company chosen by your team (15 – 20 minutesmax)showcasing the substance of your team’s research in the area of policy and strategy.

Will need both an essay of aroun 850 words and a power point presentation to go along with the essay that talks about a company’s policy and strategy. I would like either Walmart, McDonalds, Coca cola, MillerCoors, or Starbucks. Either one of those will be fine with me.

Please include these areas Situation Strategy, Strategy Formulation, Strategy Implementation, and Strategy Evaluation. Company must have a CEO, COO, and CFO.

Use visual aids and graphics in the slides and include speaker notes.

If you need more info please ask before you accept the homework. Also if you are not able to meet the deadline, please do not reply. Thank you!!!

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