Demonstrate your understanding of the following objective.

In this assignment you will demonstrate your understanding of the following learning objective:

Justify the collaborative role of transition team members who actively participate in transition meetings and examine the steps required in a transition-planning meeting.

The assignment represents your mastery of the Course Learning Outcome 5.

In this assignment you will consider a hypothetical transition meeting. To make this meeting more productive, you have decided to create an informational brochure or handout that you would want others in the meeting to understand. For example, as a special educator, what would you want the general educator to know about the transition process, or what would you want the parents to know?

To prepare for this assignment, view the video below titled Be a Superstar – Take the Survey – Student. This video interviews high school graduates one year post-graduation to ask “Where are You Now?” Next, reflect on how creating a realistic and attainable transition from high school to post-graduation independence takes time, planning, and a strong team of professionals and family who all have the student’s best interest at heart. The transition meeting can include the school principal (who may have links to community agencies), representatives from community agencies, a school counselor or psychologist (who was involved in assessments and interest inventories), the special educator, a general educator (who may have a role in the student’s education), the parents, and the student. In addition, parents can invite anyone else they believe will add value to their child’s independence (Levinson & Palmer, 2005).

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