Compare and contrast machine and high-level languages.

High-level computer languages are created to be understood by humans. As a result, the keywords and the commands of these languages are easy to understand. Machine languages are harder to understand and operate.

For this assignment, you should assume that the memory cells at addresses F0 to F9 are in the machine described here, and that it contains the hexadecimal bit patterns described in the following table:

F0 20
F1 C0
F2 30
F3 F8
F4 20
F5 00
F6 30
F7 F9
  1. Explain (in detail) each step of the machine cycle. Show the contents of each of the registers and each of the memory cells after the execution of the code.
  2. Compare and contrast machine and high-level languages using resources from the Internet or AIU’s library. Be sure to explain why the hexadecimal and binary codes are important for programming in both languages.

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