Explain the rationale behind your choices of strategies.


Consider the chronic care needs of the patient population that you have chosen for your course project. Describe the leadership strategies that you would implement with the goal of enriching the micro system data and information environment. Explain the rationale behind your choices of strategies. Respond to at least two of your colleagues, citing the literature to support your position.


For most of you, the course project assignment has required that you take on the challenge of creating an ideal clinical microsystem to meet the needs of patients living with a specific chronic illness. Reflect upon the process that you used to complete the first two parts of the course project. How did you organize and plan your work? What resources did you use? Were your approaches effective? Did you enjoy the process? Are you pleased with the outcome?

Assignment 3

From your professional experience, examine a time when a team of which you were a member or that you observed was tasked with making a decision. Assess their decision-making approach, management of conflict, and success at collaborating. Recommend what the team should do to improve their collaborative decision making.

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