Discuss marketing in an entrepreneurial context for Eco-Friendly Nursery.

You are the vice president of marketing for Eco-Friendly Nursery, a small, newly formed nursery that specializes in raising and selling environmentally friendly plants and flowers to flower shops locally, as well as to walk-in customers. Using only organic pesticides and environmentally friendly procedures, your company prides itself on the way its green methods are changing the way nurseries are run throughout the area and eventually the world. You have been asked by Mr. Johnson, owner of Eco-Friendly Nursery, to write a marketing speech to be given at an industry event to highlight your approach.

For this assignment, you will draft a three- to five-page speech that will discuss marketing in an entrepreneurial context for Eco-Friendly Nursery.

You will not actually deliver a speech, but your paper should be constructed as if you were going to do so. You should focus on what you did throughout the start-up process and why, not just recite material from the text.

Be sure to listen to Mr. Johnson, the owner, and Ms. Samantha Smith, the chief horticulturist, because they will describe some of the content they would like to see expressed in your upcoming speech. The information given by these two will not outline all of the criteria that should be included, so you can be creative and add whatever you desire within reason and consistent with the Eco-Friendly Nursery mission and the knowledge gained in this course.

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