Describe the historical or cultural context surrounding the film.

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For each full-length, International film that you screen in this class, you must write a paper and submit it through Turnitin. Your paper must conform to the following requirements: 1. The paper must list the movie title and the basic premise of the movie (3 sentences minimum). 2. The paper must describe the historical or cultural context surrounding the film(4 sentences minimum). 3. The paper must provide a personal perspective on the film (4 sentences minimum). You can also make additional comments as appropriate. It is important that your paper is submitted on-time as the assignment submission will close after the due date.

You don’t really have to watch the movie to write an analysis. You can find a lot of online sources Just make sure u answer the prompt and it shouldn’t be too much work. I will upload one perfect example (last weeks work done by floyd pincus)


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