Create a name for this community with the following characteristics:


Heres’s the fictional scenario that everything is build up on emailed from instructor

Municipality B

Create a name for this community with the following characteristics:

  • Of the people living in this area, 72% are Hispanic; 10% are African American; 8% are Caucasian; 6% are Asian; 2% are either Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander; and 2% are American Indian or Alaskan Native, of some other race, or of two or more races.
  • 20% of the population is over the age of 65. 60% are of working age (18–64). 20% are under 18, and 7% of that population are under 5 years old.
  • The median household income for the study area was $35,000, compared to a state median of $50,000, as estimated in the most recent Census American Community Survey.
  • This community has recently experienced a dramatic spike in prostitution.

You may provide additional details about the community if you feel they will benefit your Community Policing Proposal.




Heres the Phase 4 IP requirements and MY finished Products (PART1 and PART 2) are UPLOADED: ALREADY COMPLETED

1.  There are two parts to the assignment.

2.  For part one, you have been provided with a profile of a municipality that is dealing with a particular problem. You need to identify a community policing model or a solution to the problem. This portion is a draft of 500-700 words of your Community Policing Proposal for my review.

3.  Part two requires you to create a Power Point presentation of 5-8 slides of your Community Policing Proposal that you could present to the law enforcement agency in your profiled community. The slides should represent an overview of the proposed community service program, as well as a plan for communicating this plan to personnel and the community.

As you can tell, this assignment is a further “refinement” of parts of previous assignments you’ve submitted. By the end of this class, you’ll have a highly polished product that, in theory, you could take for presentation to a police agency and/or a community meeting!



Heres the Phase 1 IP requirements and MY finished Product IS UPLOADED: ALREADY COMPLETED

Assignment requirements:

Your final assignment for this course will be to create a Community Policing Proposal to a fictional community.Your instructor will be assigning you a fictional community profile this week. You will use this profile to inform the design of your Community Policing Proposal. The final proposal will include the following elements:


  • A description of the community and its needs
  • A step-by-step implementation plan designed with the specific needs of your community in mind
  • A practical strategy that can be used to communicate your community policing model to the community and the law enforcement organization

    Part 1-Your instructor will send you a brief description of a community. Upon receiving the community profile, create a name for your community. Provide a written description of the community and a description of the crime issue at hand. You may add unique details to the description of the community or the issue if you think it will benefit your assignment. Submit a written description of the community for which you will be creating a Community Policing Proposal.

    Part 2-Describe how federal, state, and local law enforcement work together in criminal investigations. Answer the following questions:

  • What is the scanning, analyze, response, and assessment (SARA) model?
  • How does this model apply to community policing? Give 2 examples.
  • Can the same models for partnerships be used in every jurisdiction? Why or why not?

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