What is important for this assignment is your ability to generate ideas.


The need for thinking and problem-solving skills dominates our lives. Individuals must analyze problems in the workplace, at school, as a parent, and in many other daily situations. You have an opportunity to practice your problem-solving skills through this assignment.

Assignment: Select one problem from the following list or define your own problem. 1.Design a new textbook for a psychology class, science class, etc. 2.Invent a new telephone. 3.Design a new suitcase. 4.Design new clothes for soldier/teacher/cook/student/ etc. 5.Invent a new style for a video game. 6.Create a short story. 7.Design a new computer. 8.Invent a new way to protect computers from viruses. 9.Create a new type of credit card. 10.Work on solving a problem of your own choosing – a problem that is related to your major field of study.

Requirements: •Remember that you don’t need to create anything physically. You may use images or just descriptions of your ideas. •What is important for this assignment is your ability to generate ideas. •Number your ideas 1 through 21. •Generate 21 ideas about solving it, using the 21 Synthetics steps listed below: •Response should be 500-600 words

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