What is a company’s book value and how does it differ from intrinsic value?

  1. (This one is from the assignment you just sent me,Intrinsic and market values) Determine what the parent company will pay for the target acquisition company. Be sure to include how the target company provides synergies and opportunities to the parent company.
  2. What is a company’s book value and how does it differ from intrinsic value? How do these valuations help a company determine what to offer shareholders for a target company?
  3. Now that I am heavily involved in cost accounting I see how ABC works in a real manufacturing environment. However, Activity Based Costing can work in other environments as well. I’m a big fan of centralization where it makes sense, like accounting, for example. But how are the costs of this overhead spread to other departments? I previously ran a company having 8 stand-alone financial statements BUT they all shared 1) accounting, 2) IT and 3) creative services. All 3 of those departments live on the same one financial statement but it wasn’t fair to the other 7 to have zero cost for those services. Look at the A and the B of ABC. What activities could I base an allocation for accounting and IT?

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