What was similar about nearly all ancient religions and why?

  1. What was so different about Chinese religion and why?
  2. What was similar about nearly all ancient religions and why?
  3. Why was the movement of people from hunting and gathering to farming (the Neolithic Revolution) so important?
  4. How is the invention and evolution of writing like modern Information Technology?
  5. What was the problem with early economies?
  6. Describe how the first civilizations evolved once people began to farm.
  7. Why did ancient religions form and become so central to the everyday life of most people in ancient societies?
  8. Pick one of the four river-based civilizations and describe some of the things they developed or discovered that influence us today.
  9. How were the people of ancient societies structured?
  10. During the rise and development of the four primary river-based civilizations what was happening in Europe, Africa, and the Americas?

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