Under what circumstances can inventory be used as a hedge against inflation?

  1. Regression analysis is an extremely valuable quantitative tool. Briefly discuss the following using a real world example:
  2. – How the coefficient of determination and the correlation coefficient are related and how they are used in regression analysis.
  3.  How scatter diagrams can be used to identify the type of regression to use.
  4.  The methods used to determine if the regression model is a good model for the presented dependent and independent variable(s).
  5. No forecasting method is perfect under all conditions.  Briefly describe the steps used to develop a forecasting system.  What is the difference between a causal model and a time-series model? What is a qualitative forecasting model, and when is it appropriate. Provide a real world example of each type of qualitative forecasting model. (50 points)
  6. We discussed the fundamentals of inventory control theory.  The two key takeaways are 1) how much to order and 2) when to order.   Discuss the following aspects of inventory control models:
  7.  Why inventory is an important consideration for managers
  8. The purpose of inventory control
  9. Why would not a company always store large quantities of inventory to eliminate shortages and stock outs?
  10. Under what circumstances can inventory be used as a hedge against inflation?
  11. Explain the purpose of ABC analysis.

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