The public health initiative’s purpose, background, goals, and objectives.

This week, you submit your completed Scholar-Practitioner Project.  Refer to the “Scholar-Practitioner Project (SPP) Guidelines” Document from your Learning Resources.

The project will consist of three elements:

  • Part 1A: Public Health Initiative Approval (Week 2)
  • Part 1B: Economic Analysis of the Initiative of Choice (Week 5)
  • Part 2: Financial Accounting Analysis  (Week 9)
  • Part 3: Alternative Funding Sources (Week 11)
    • See below for additional details on what to include in Part 3.

Part 3: Alternative Funding Sources

For this part of your Scholar-Practitioner Project you will evaluate funding sources for the public health initiative you selected in Week 2.  Then, you will submit a mock grant proposal for an appropriate grant to supplement or allow expansion of your selected public health initiative.

The proposal should include:

  • The public health initiative’s purpose, background, goals, and objectives
  • A description of the funding sources you selected and explanation of why you selected it over others
  • Eligibility and selection criteria for the funding source
  • An explanation of the funds needed and how the funds may be used
  • The adjusted total 5-year budget you completed in week 9 (include all instructor recommendations)

Part 3 Assignment length: 5–7 pages

Scholar-Practitioner Project length: 16–18 pages total

Submit your complete Scholar-Practitioner Project by Day 7.  Be sure to address instructor feedbacks on your Project Submissions from Weeks 5, 9, and 11.

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