Determine the appropriate statistical tool to test the hypothesis based on the research question.

sing the research question and two variables your learning team developed for the Week 2 Business Research Project Part 1 assignment, create a no more than 350-word inferential statistics (hypothesis test). Include:

(a) The research question

(b) Mock data for the independent and dependent variables

Determine the appropriate statistical tool to test the hypothesis based on the research question.

Conduct a hypothesis test with a 95% confidence level, using the statistical tool.

Interpret the results and provide your findings.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Submit both the spreadsheet and the paper.

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A++ Answer

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Business Research xxxxxxx

xxxxxxx’x xxxx


xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx PROJECT



xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx



xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Project

Team B has been xxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxxxxx the relationship xxxxxxx the independent (pain xxxxxxxxxx strategy) xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx variables.

The xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx derived by Team B “xxxx is a patients’ xxxx xxxxxxxxxx with wounds xxx xxxxx pain management strategies?” will xxxx xx the xxxxxxxxxxxxx of xxx effectiveness of xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx wounds. xxx hypothesis derived will be,

(HO) xx the wound xxxx xxxxxx improves their pain xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx will be a xxxxxxxx in xxxx xxxxxxxxxx from xxxxxxxx with xxxxxxx

(H1) If xxx xxxxx care center xxxxxxxx xxxxx pain xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx will xx xx xxxxxxxx xx pain xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx with xxxxxx

Establishing the xxxxxxxxxxx level as well xx the corresponding critical xxxxxxxx will be xxx next step in

– – – more text follows – – –

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Chi-square distribution
xx x 1 xxxxx .0000 3.841
xxxxxxxx P(upper) xxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxx xx xxxx


xxxxxxx Paired Two Sample for Means
Variable x xxxxxxxx 2
xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Variance xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Observations 61 xx
Pearson Correlation 0.9875134226
Hypothesized xxxx Difference 0
df xx
t Stat 330.0478983832
xxx<xxx one-tail 0
x xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx 1.6706488654
xxx<=t) two-tail 0
t Critical two-tail xxxxxxxxxxxx



xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx for xxxxxxxx
xxxx xxxxx 1 Shift x xxxxx 3 xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxx
xxxxxxxx 1000 xxx xxx xxx xxxx pain management xxxxxxx Effect Date xxxx xxxxxxxxxx stategy Effect
2-Jan-13 xxxx 892 576 734 xxxxxxxx 1000 xxx 1-Feb-15 1004 735 xxxxxxxxxxx Statistics xxxx xxxxxxxxxx stategy Effect
3-Jan-13 1030 xxx xxx 749 xxxxxxxx xxxx xxx 2-Feb-15 xxxx xxx xxxxx 61 xx
4-Jan-13 999 883 570 xxx xxxxxxxx xxxx 749 xxxxxxxx 1034 752 xxxx 996 xxx
xxxxxxxx 1004 887 xxx 730 4-Jan-15 xxx 726 xxxxxxxx 1011 xxx standard deviation xxxxx xxxxx
xxxxxxxx xxxx 882 xxx 731 xxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxx 713 xxxxxx variance xxxxxx xxxxxx
xxxxxxxx xxxx 890 xxx 733 6-Jan-15 1001 xxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxx minimum xxx xxx
8-Jan-13 xxxx xxx 576 734 xxxxxxxx 1000 xxx 7-Feb-15 xxx 717 maximum xxxx xxx
9-Jan-13 xxxx 910 xxx 749 8-Jan-15 xxxx 734 8-Feb-15 982 719 xxxxx xx xx
10-Jan-13 999 xxx xxx 726 xxxxxxxx 1030 749 9-Feb-15 991 721
xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx 573 xxx 10-Jan-15 xxx xxx 10-Feb-15 1011 xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx lower
12-Jan-13 xxxx xxx xxx 731 11-Jan-15 1004 730 11-Feb-15 981 713 confidence level xxx upper
xxxxxxxxx 1000 890 xxx 733 12-Jan-15 1001 731 12-Feb-15 986 xxx xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx 576 xxx xxxxxxxxx 1000 733 xxxxxxxxx 983 xxx xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx 588 xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx 734 xxxxxxxxx 982 719
16-Jan-13 xxxx xxx 570 xxx 15-Jan-15 1031 xxx 15-Feb-15 xxx xxx xxx

– – – more text follows – – –

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